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OpenVPN has created a standard for other VPNs with its groundbreaking technologies. Its unique features make it one of the leading VPNs in the world.

Pros & Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages

High-security assurance
Easy installation and setup
Multiple platform availability
Free to use
Reconnection time is slow
The interface has a learning curve to it

Our Review About OpenVPN Community

OpenVPN is one of the earliest VPNs to implement technologies to secure the internet connection to block any unwanted breaches. The initial release was made public in 2001 and the stable version was released the year after. It has both the features of servers and applications that can strengthen the internet connection. It is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 protocol. 


Most noticiable features

Here are the features of the OpenVPN client-

Extensive Security

By using the OpenSSL libraries extensively, this VPN takes a groundbreaking leap in the cyber security aspect. Not only uses those libraries efficiently but also utilizes the TLS protocol for better encryption and connection. Speaking of connection, let’s find out if it offers a rapid speed or not.

Faster Connection

VPNs, if unable to offer better connection speed, fail to become the default on users' platforms. That’s why OpenVPN ensures a proper server-to-peer connection so that you get the best possible internet speed while staying safe on the web. So, you don’t have to worry too much about watching slow download speed with this application.

Network Tunneling

For DHCP or dial-in clients, tunneling is crucial. OpenVPN can Tunnel networks over NAT and also through connection-oriented stateful firewalls. That’s not all, you can even get past explicit firewall regulations with OpenVPN. 

Private or Public Encryption

OpenVPN offers both private key and public encryption keys for your convenience. The static key mode is a conventional method to share a secret key between users. Apart from that, you can also choose SSL/TLS mode using client & server certificates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use OpenVPN by opening the application and selecting a server. Then hit the connect button and you're good to go.

Yes, OpenVPN is a free application that you can download on many platforms.

OpenVPN is as safe as it gets. It uses tons of OpenSSL libraries to ensure robust and flexible internet security.

Yes, OpenVPN is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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